The fact that you are visiting my page tells me you are interested in hiring a fishing guide.  Let me tell you about the advantages of hiring Me as your guide.

The number one reason to let me be your guide is simple- you want to catch fish, and I want to help you catch fish!

Whether you are visiting the Pierre, SD area for a day or for a week; let me help you make the most of your visit.  Hiring a guide is a great way to put the odds in your favor.

Lake Oahe and Lake Sharpe a both very large.  Their fish holding structure can be overwhelming to say the least.  Fish location is very dependent on time of year, but it also varies significantly day to day.  Just because the fish were active in one spot on one day does not mean they will be there the next day.  You need options, spot options.  I have 20 plus years on the Missouri River and I can provide the options you need.